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What Are Next-Gen Image Formats?

In the digital age, website performance is paramount. Next-gen image formats like WebP, AVIF, and JPEG 2000 offer superior compression and quality compared to traditional formats such as JPEG and PNG. This means faster loading times and an enhanced user experience without sacrificing visual quality.

  • Faster Page Load Times: Speed is a critical factor in user experience and SEO rankings. Next-gen formats can significantly reduce your images' file sizes, improving your site's loading speed.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Quick-loading pages reduce bounce rates and encourage visitors to stay longer on your site, exploring more content or products.
  • Improved SEO Rankings: Search engines favor fast-loading websites. By optimizing your images, you're also boosting your site's visibility on search engine results pages.

What We Do!

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Automated Efficiency

Forget the manual hassle. Our plugin automatically converts images to the WebP format as you upload them, streamlining your workflow and saving you invaluable time.


Seamless Integration

Designed with simplicity in mind, our plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site. There's no need for complex setup or coding knowledge. Install, activate, and you're set


DIY? Use our Converter or API

Extend the power of automatic WebP conversion beyond WordPress. Our robust API is designed for easy integration into any system, offering the same level of optimization and efficiency.

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